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Do the products require refrigeration?

We recommend that all products be refrigerated, some products are shelf stable, which will be stated on the front on the jar.

Can I travel/overseas with the products?

Many of our customers take our products overseas. All our products will be fine out of the fridge for a day, so long as it is kept out of sunlight/heat or kept in a cool dark place.  We suggest you individually wrap the jar and place in your luggage and make sure the jars are un-opened, and that any product marked ‘Keep Refrigerated’ are kept refrigerated before & after your travels.

Why are some products different in colour and taste different?

All our products are made in small batches, so not every batch will be the same. As we use fresh ingredients, they can differ in taste, colour and heat. The taste of the products shouldn’t vary much, sometimes the Chilli sauces can vary in heat, depending on the time of year.

Which of your products are Gluten Free?

All of our products are Wheat & Gluten Free.

Do you use Sugar in all your Products?

The only products we use sugar in are our Chutneys and Hot Sweet Chilli for taste and consistency. Most of our other products like Mayonnaises, Mustards and Dips are sweetened with bush honey. Sugar free products are the Hollandaise, Béarnaise, Pesto Sauce, Hommus dip and Sundried-Tomato Hommus dip.

Why do you use Honey?

The reason we use honey in most of our products is that honey is a natural sweetner and gives our mayonnaises a smooth consistency.

What local & imported ingredients do you use?

Where possible we use as much local and Australian products and produce as possible. Our locally sourced products/produce from Queensland are; eggs, basil, tomatoes, onions, mangoes, chillis, bush honey. However we use some ingredients which are imported such as; Blue Cheese (Denmark) Walnuts (USA), Parmesan Cheese (Italy).

Why do you use Canola Oil?

We use Canola Oil because it is recognised by many professional health organisations worldwide. Canola Oil is low in saturated fats, an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and great for heart health.  We use 100% Australian Made & Owned Canola Oil (Non-GM).